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Exciting News: Glow Aesthetics Bar Now Offers Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup!

We are thrilled to announce that Glow Aesthetics Bar is now offering Jane Iredale, the skincare makeup. The renowned skincare makeup brand perfectly aligns with our commitment to beauty and skin health.

Why Jane Iredale?


Jane Iredale is more than just makeup; it's skincare in a beautiful package. Jane Iredale's products are free of known irritants and formulated with skin-loving, nourishing ingredients and protective elements like pomegranate and algae extracts. More than that, they are crafted with skin-boosting ingredients. These products enhance your natural beauty and nourish and ensure that each application contributes to the restoration and protection of your skin.


The Glow Aesthetics Bar Difference:

By introducing Jane Iredale to our patients, we aim to elevate your beauty routine and promote a healthy, radiant glow. From foundations to lip colors, each product is crafted with precision to provide flawless coverage without compromising on skincare benefits.

Discover the Glow:

At Glow Aesthetics Bar, we are aligned with Jane Iredale's simple premise: makeup should look good, feel good, and, most importantly, be good for the skin. Visit us in-office to explore the Jane Iredale range, and let our skincare experts guide you in finding the perfect products for your unique beauty needs. Embrace makeup that not only enhances but also cares for your skin.

Ready to glow with Jane Iredale? Stop by Glow Aesthetics Bar and experience the fusion of beauty and skincare!

Your Skin Deserves the Best.

*Current Jane promotional special- “Enjoy 20% off your purchase when you choose three or more Jane Iredale Makeup products! Elevate your beauty routine with this exclusive offer.”


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